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This deeply validating, profound experience is unlike anything else. Experience being understood at the energetic level. My clients report an Intuitive Photo Reading is as effective as years of other healing modalities combined.

Hi, I’m Rosalee:

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I’m so glad you’re here! 

The intuitive process I’ve created gives me a direct line to your energy, your essence, the core of who you are. I connect to your energy, hold space without judgment, listen intuitively, and reflect back to you what I feel with clarity. 

I feel things that have happened to you, the memories that hold keys to what is blocked and currently unseeable. Seeing these things and acknowledging them makes all the difference in being able to process and move forward.

My teaching and guidance helps you to integrate your energy with curiosity, compassion, and gentleness to create the life you want.

Are You Ready To Be Seen?

It is the foundation and prerequisite, all other services build upon this and go deeper into the areas of your life that mean the most to you. The experience is unlike anything else.
It is deeply validating.
It is profoundly personal.
It is perspective altering.


Energy Integration is powerful, effective, and efficient. I teach you energetics and guide you in deepening your connection to your own intuition. This is “life coaching” on the energetic intuitive level. You will have the opportunity to deeply understand and appreciate your own energy and intuition. You will learn how to integrate this into your every day life through clear actionable steps forward. 


Soul Styling
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Give this gift to yourself!

Rated 5 out of 5

Rosalee helped me change how I perceive & understand my daily life for the better. I use the tools they gave me to acknowledge & honor my intuition in a way that has been enhancing my already intuitive spirit. Being able to have an experience where you’re receiving energy from Rosalee that is tailored specifically for you felt better than any therapy session I’ve ever had. I hope if you’re on the fence in giving this gift to yourself you will see this and realize how much you deserve this for you & everyone around you.

Jackie / Wisconsin, United States

Strength to continue to move forward…

Rated 5 out of 5

I had my photo reading with Rosalee just after I suffered a great loss, and was struggling in many ways and kinda suffocating under a lot of pain and hardship in my life. Immediately when we started, I felt seen and heard in a way I have never ever felt before in my entire life. Rosalee felt what I felt and described it to a T. Without me telling them, without having to explain. That alone brought me to tears.

The whole experience gave me strength to continue to move forward and Rosalee gave me tips and instructions to help with things when I’m struggling and they have definitely helped and I keep practicing them constantly. I follow Rosalee on social media so I won’t forget what we discussed and to get daily reminders that I’m not alone. Talking with Rosalee pulled me away from the ledge I had been pushed to, and I am forever grateful.

Milla / Finland

Truly life changing.

Rated 5 out of 5

So I won’t lie. I was reluctant and nervous at first, I saw Rosalees TikTok and the energy they had attracted me, and moved me enough to book a reading. I’m always reluctant because I am a very difficult person to read. I’ve always had a difficult time getting clear readings, and readers or empaths have always had a difficult time reading me.

I was pleasantly surprised that Rosalee was able to see things that I have never told anyone, things that no one would know. The experience is something I highly recommend, ESPECIALLY if you are an empath, or are having a lot of mental fog. They give you personalized steps to help you and guide yourself to being the best version of you. The happiest version, which we all deserve.

My reading was eye opening, I knew I had empathic gifts but not to the extent that Rosalee explained to me. I’ve kinda just ignored them my whole life, and the fact that I am learning to control them is amazing, and it’s nice looking at it as a gift instead of a burden. Talking to Rosalee was like talking to a friend. They are AMAZING and very easy to talk to. Spiritually they just get it. Rosalee changed my perspective and it really helps, definitely get a reading with them, it will be eye opening, and life changing.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Rosalee, it was an amazing experience to get all that emotion out on the table. I have so much gratitude, thank you for using your gift to help others.

Kennedy / Colorado, United States

One of the first times I felt so seen & heard…

Rated 5 out of 5

thank you for everything today. it was one of the first times i felt truly so seen and heard and it was such a wave of emotions and relief. you are a beautiful soul and i am so grateful that you took the time to help me see myself and make me feel normal. there are so many things i had never realized but resonated so deeply with me. ironically it felt like such a surreal experience that actually made me feel more in touch with reality than i ever have.

Kelsey / California, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

How / where do I book a session? 

Follow the link below to go to my Booking page. Select the intuitive service you’re interested in. The scheduling tool will walk you through selecting an available date and time in your time zone. 

Note: You will need to book an Intuitive Photo Reading to be eligible to book any other services. 

Full payment is required at the time of booking.

How much does it cost?

An Intuitive Photo Reading is $777. 

Booking an Intuitive Photo Reading gives you access to three hours of my energy and undivided attention.  During this time, I am focused solely on you and your energy. I spend 30+ minutes alone before our scheduled session, reading your photos and receiving intuitive messages. Our Zoom call together lasts 90 minutes. 

Then, about two weeks after the reading, we will have a 30 minute check in session to follow up. All of this is included in the cost of the photo reading. 

An Individual Intuitive Photo Reading is the foundation and prerequisite service for all other energy and intuitive work that I offer.  Continued energetic support and intuitive guidance is available. 

What “clarity” question should I ask?

Don’t overthink this. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself, “What is a question I’d like more clarity about?”  It can be a broad, seemingly unanswerable question (my personal favorite to answer!) or something specific. Anything goes. Ask whatever is on your heart.

Why is (RE) emphasized?

(RE) is my interpretation (R for Rosalee) of the energy (E for Energetics) behind a word. It is deeply connected to the dictionary definition with a bit of my sparkle added.

Anytime you see me use (RE), know it is highlighting my connection to the energetics of the word.

I love synchronicity, so it is also really special to me that my initials are R.E.

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