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Energy Teacher and Intuition Guide / Intuitive Stylist / Zero Judgment Listener / Hard Truth Teller / Medium / Intuitive Photo Reader / Neurodivergent / Energy Incubator / Dictionary Enthusiast / Disabled / (RE)Definer / Psychic / Abuse Survivor / Queer / Self Healer / Energetic Private Investigator / Existential Tour Guide

Hi, I’m Rosalee!

I am an energy teacher and intuition guide.

I have the ability to connect to your essence, hold space without judgment, listen to you intuitively, and reflect back to you with clarity. I assist you in clearing energy blockages for you to be able to reconnect with your own energy and intuition. Together, we untangle your energy from other people to become clear what is your energy and what is someone else’s energy.

Sessions with me focus on the energetics: the energy behind your words and how the energy of your experience feels in your body.

I help you connect to your intuition so you can connect deeply to yourself, know the next move, and make that move confidently because you know it in your bones.

I am not a therapist, financial advisor, doctor, sex therapist, counselor, or career coach. We may address topics and concepts that you might also bring to them. If you are currently working with someone else, my offerings expand on that work. Do you have energetic support? Do you have intuitive guidance? Are you connected to your own intuition?
I have found the support I offer makes all of the difference! 

Through my unique life experiences, I have developed intuitive skills and abilities. I was photographed and videotaped incessantly as a child. I was made to connect and relate to the camera as a friend. The adults around me consistently talked in code. They would be saying one thing using English words, but the energy behind the words meant something else. Through this confusion, I learned to read and interpret energy in photos, video, and the energetic texture of words. Words hold different texture and weight to me. Some words are sticky or heavy, etc. I interpret the sensations and point to the clear, direct meaning of the energy. I read photos and can feel what it is like to be you; I can see the blocks or things holding you back from having the life you want. These things are often hidden from your view, and the Photo Reading experience connects the dots, leaving you feeling deeply seen and validated, with clear actionable steps forward.

Beauty & Energy Work

I am licensed in cosmetology with 20 years of experience behind the chair. Throughout my beauty career I have done hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling for private clients, New York Fashion Week, magazines, major retailers, and more. During my beauty career, I was exploring and fine tuning my understanding of energetics and intuition. I deeply connected with my clients, and that connection was reflected in how they saw themselves at the end of our session. Beauty and Energy work go hand in hand for me. I have the ability to see the invisible and make it visible. To help you be the most aligned version of yourself and present that to the world. The most frequent compliment I heard was, “How did you know EXACTLY how I wanted to look? THIS is me!”

I love supporting and encouraging you as you present yourself to the world, to be seen for who you really are. Inside and out.



to define something again, such as a concept; to reformulate / reexamine / reevaluate / transform

(RE)define: is my interpretation (R for Rosalee) of the energy (E for Energetics) behind a word.

It is deeply connected to the dictionary definition with a bit of my sparkle added. Anytime you see me use (RE), know it is highlighting my connection to the energetics of the word. I love synchronicity, so it is also really special to me that my actual initials are R.E.

My intuition loves words.

I don’t know if I have a special kind of synesthesia, but I feel the energy behind words in the form of texture. Words feel bold, sticky, or heavy, and I interpret the energy of these textures to help you to tap into the well of your being. Some people use tarot or astrology to connect to energy and deliver messages. I use photos and the dictionary.

Words often feel bold to me during Photo Readings. A word will come forward into my mind when I’m looking at your photos. This is my sign to look it up in the dictionary. The word will feel so big and bold that I can’t see anything else until I look it up. Even if it’s a word I know the meaning of, there’s always nuance to the definition that will mean something to you and help me to deliver a deeper connected message that you can hear.

When I listen intuitively in Energy Integration sessions or Clarity Calls, certain words stand out to me because of their textures. I highlight the energy in these words so you can see yourself more clearly. Each word carries energy.  I hold a non judgmental space for you to speak into: I catch the textured words, and reflect them back to you.

Our words really do create our world. Because of this, I choose my words with clear intention, and I reflect your words back to you in a way that gives you the power of choice. When you understand the energy behind your words, are you really saying what you mean?  The clearer we are with our language, the more aligned our lives become. With awareness and intention, we can speak the reality we want into existence. 

My (RE)defined blog is the place to find my (RE)defined words.

Let’s heal and grow together.

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