Before Your Intuitive Photo Reading


I’m so glad you followed your intuition and are looking for more information. I’m excited to connect with you!

✨ Must be 18 or older to book a photo reading with me

✨ Photos that are sent without a confirmed session booking will be deleted.

✨ NO nude photos. NO photos of illegal activity including abuse. NO graphic photos

48 hours before your CONFIRMED booking I ask that you email me a few things. 

✨Please organize everything into ONE email. Please put photos directly into the email. NO links or google photo albums. 

In the subject line please put: 
PHOTOS FOR with the same name you used to book the session. 


This should be a selfie of you taken right before you send the email. I use this to connect to your energy. Be yourself in this photo. This photo is only used to connect to your energy. How you look doesn’t matter but how you feel does. Be you. 


This is very interactive and intentional. Take your time. Be intentional as you look. When you look at the photos, be aware of what you feel in your body. Notice any thoughts or memories that come up while you’re looking. Look through whatever childhood photos you have access to. Send me the photos that you feel something when you look at them. There’s no exact number of photos as long as they fit within in one email! 

A range of ages is ideal but not necessary. I have done very accurate personal readings off of one childhood photo and one current photo or off of current photos alone. Please reach out to me if you don’t have access to any childhood photos. I can do a photo reading for you using current photos alone but a conversation is needed before booking.

The childhood photos can have other people in them. Please let me know who you are if there are multiple people in the photo. I will not read the energy of the other people in your photos. They have not consented to that. I will be able to read how they impacted you and your energy. But I will NOT be reading them. 


This could be anything. Sit quietly and wonder. Journal. Or it might be the first thing that came to mind when you read, “a question you would like more clarity about.” You will know what the question is. You may have to look for it inside yourself or it might pop right up and show you. 

Double and triple check that you have all THREE in your email and that your subject line is: PHOTOS FOR the same name you used to book the session 

Important Notes to Consider:

Please book a time where you have the privacy to talk freely and when you have time to reflect after the session. It’s ideal to find a time when you’re not rushing off to something immediately after.

✨You definitely need time to take in the experience. This is really important.

An hour before your session, please find a quiet moment to offer energetic consent for me to step into your energy. Consent is extremely important. This only takes a moment and doesn’t have to look like anything in particular, just whatever feels right to you. When you are open to me, I can establish a clearer connection to you.

How it works:

A half hour before we are scheduled to meet, I quiet myself and my mind. I clear myself of anyone else’s energy. I ask for the messages that come forward to be for your good and for my words to deeply connect so you can hear them. Then, I meditate on the photos you sent.

During this time of deep connection to you, I also ask for answers to the question you asked.

In response, I experience physical visceral sensations. I write down everything I feel, hear, and experience. I also ask for actionable steps for you to take and I write those down as well. The actionable steps are always very simple tasks that are tailored specifically for you. They are helpful in working through the things that come forward for you.

I request that you commit ahead of time to being open to taking these actions, if you want to receive the full benefit of this intuitive service.

Without this commitment, the experience is only partial. You might find it to be a cool experience but the actionable steps are where the impact on your life happens.

During our virutal session, I go over everything.

It becomes more of a conversation. The things I feel, help connect the dots of your life. When I go down the list of specific things I received, it often pings a memory for my clients. When they share more details of the specific things I felt, it helps me to understand the messages at a deeper level. It ping pongs back and forth.

If at anytime you don’t want to discuss something that comes up, we will drop it immediately. No questions asked.

I respect and honor you completely.

I’ve done readings for people I’ve known my whole life and total strangers. I always receive specific information that there’s no way I could have known. Things my clients and friends have never told me. Often things they’ve never told anyone.

It is an honor to be a mirror for you to see yourself more clearly. To show you things about yourself that are slightly hidden from your view, things that are blocking you from having the life you want.

After the session…

I send a picture of my notebook, where I’ve written down everything I felt.

It’s not pretty, it’s scribbles and questionable penmanship but it is a sacred piece of my process and it is yours to have forever. 

We also talk about scheduling your check in. The check in provides structure and support and is included in the initial session fee. I will make a recommendation of when I’d like you to schedule your 30 minute check in. I will give you a personalized timeline to go over how you’re feeling and how you are integrating the actionable steps into your life. Check ins are designed to be scheduled within one month of your initial photo reading. 

You are able to record the session for your PRIVATE PERSONAL use and take notes if you’d like to. I insist that you inform me if you are recording video, audio, or both.

✨This process only works when there is consent and respect for each other.

If you want to post or share anything that you record, I need to be asked for my consent. The things discussed in your session are deeply personal and deserve to be handled with care. I intend to give you the fullness of my intuition and I request you honor it.

Protect Your Energy.

The photo of your reading/my notebook should never be posted or shared publicly. Ever.

This is really meant for your eyes only. It is your energy, felt and translated by me. It’s just a notebook page at first glance but in actuality, it is sacred. Please treat it as such.

I would love to see your TikToks and posts about the experience from your point of view. Please feel free to share and post away about how you feel and the experience! The guidelines above are where my boundaries are for consent but anything that you feel and is your experience you don’t need my consent to post about.

Tag me in them. I love to see it! #RosaleeReadings so we can all find them. I already feel community with all of you, I’d love to see that happen!

Ready to experience your own intuitive photo reading?


Sessions are for peer support purposes only. I am not a therapist, doctor, financial advisor, etc – and I am not a replacement for those services.

I reserve the right to refuse services for any reason. All services are non-refundable. However, I may choose to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

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