Expanded Photo Readings

Expanded Photo Readings are designed to reflect deeply on your expanded energy.

You have shifted and grown since your initial Intuitive Photo Reading!

You have grown so much and continue to create safety within yourself, you may now feel ready and more open to going deeper into different areas and memories than you were initially. Your energy has shifted and created space for new things to become available to you.

I will look for areas where energy is still stuck by comparing your “current” photo from your initial Intuitive Photo Reading and reading photos of you now. I will read and compare your energy from your initial reading to your current energy. I deliver what I feel with clarity and share areas to acknowledge and celebrate yourself! I offer Actionable Steps forward where you need continued support.

Expanded Photo Readings are a profound way to celebrate yourself and connect deeply with your growth and expansion!

48hrs BEFORE your Expanded Photo Reading Session, I will need the following:

✨ Include everything in one email ✨

1. A current selfie of you taken the day you send the email. By yourself. No filters. Really BE yourself. It’s not about what you look like. I use this photo to connect to your current energy.

2. The “current” selfie you sent for your initial Intuitive Photo Reading.

3. Any photos you’d like me to see that were taken in between your initial Photo Reading and now.

4. A question you’d like more clarity about.