‘Receive’: Love Notes to Yourself

I do intuitive readings for myself, sometimes using old photos just like I do for my clients, but most of the time my personal experience with intuition comes through words and definitions. I will feel a word and it will feel BOLD. The bold feeling is my sign to look it up in the dictionary. Even if it’s a word I know the meaning of, the bold feeling is a clue that there is nuance in the definition, something deeper that’s important for me to pay attention to.

Months ago I felt the word “receive” coming up over and over. Very Bold.

I did a reading for myself on receiving. Actionable steps came forward to work through the energy of receiving. I often resist my own actionable steps. I know how beneficial they are and I still resist from time to time –– and that’s ok! We can set them down and pick them back up millions of times. There’s no right way or wrong way to do life. Intuition responds to our conscious efforts. I’ve noticed a huge shift taking on receiving consciously. The reading I did for myself is special and sacred to me and it feels like it might be valuable to you too. A universal actionable step that has the potential to shift everything.

I’ve been observing during sessions and in my own life that most people have trouble receiving. We often keep love, compliments, help, acknowledgment, etc at arm’s length. This could be for a lot of different reasons, such as from societal pressure to do it all ourselves and “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” Unfortunately, the most common reason for many of us is that it’s just simply not safe to receive. For many, receiving came with strings attached. Hurt, pain, and shame got mixed up and spun around with love and care. There are layers of sticky energy.

We were not taught to receive.

Most often we were taught to deny our needs and instead to give, give, give. I could go into more detail about this, but for this message my focus is not on the barriers to receiving but on creating safety to be able to receive.

Below is the reading I did for myself months ago.

From the nuances in the definition, I made powerful commanding statements, and an actionable step came forward. I hope you find some value for yourself.

Here are some ideas for ways to use the statements that came up in the reading:

  • You could read the phrases and let them wash over you, visualizing a shimmering, iridescent, holographic light healing you.
  • You could choose a phrase to use like a mantra or affirmation.
  • You could use a phrase as a journaling prompt.
  • You could take on the actionable step for yourself and see what happens.

I propose a playful challenge. For the next two weeks, consciously with intention, give one of these ideas a try.

Let me know what you notice, how you feel, and what shifts.

✨ ✨ ✨

What is receiving?

I think it requires an intentional level of openness and safety to receive.


to come into possession of / acquire / to act as a receptacle or container for / to take into the mind and thoroughly understand / to take in and utilize as nourishment / to absorb into the system through the mind and senses / to permit to enter / to give entrance or access / welcome / greet / to accept as true / to support the weight or pressure of / to experience / to convert incoming radio waves into perceptible signals

The safest way to experience something is to feel it internally.

I have command internally. The external world may be a mess, but internally I can find safety. I can shift my focus from giving to myself to receiving from myself.

If I am putting on lotion, where is my awareness? Am I the hand massaging?

Or can I shift into being the body part receiving the massage? I can shift my awareness from “doing” self care. I can bring my conscious awareness to “being” and then I can receive my own love safely. Now that I can feel the definitions, what it is to receive, I have an excitement to play with receiving love.

I’m going to use the definitions to make clear statements about receiving my own love:

• • •
I am coming into the possession of my own love.
• • •
I am a receptacle or container for self-love.
• • •
I can take my love for myself into my mind and thoroughly understand it.
• • •
I can allow love for myself to be nourishment and I feel it absorb into my system through my mind and senses.
• • •
I can permit love to enter me.
• • •
I give love access.
• • •
I welcome love. I greet love with open arms.I accept love for me as true.
• • •
I can see how loving myself could support the pressure of anything else.
• • •
I can experience love for myself and the love others have for me.
• • •
I can think of the frequency of love like radio waves that become perceivable in my daily life.
• • •

✨ ✨ ✨

Actionable Step:

Start a notebook just for love notes to yourself.

Write to yourself as if you were a new lover falling in love with every part of you. Physically, emotionally, every aspect that makes you YOU. Notice and name big and small things. Write love notes to yourself. Aim to write one love note a day.

What are you proud of yourself for?

Why are you glad you are you?

What can you acknowledge yourself for?

What do you admire about yourself?

What do you notice about you?

What do you like about being you?