Relationship Photo Readings

Relationship Photo Readings explore deep energetic connections between two individuals in the relationships that mean the most.

This service is designed for any important relationship, including romantic relationships, siblings, parent and adult child, friends, etc.

Both people must complete The Foundation before being eligible to book a relationship reading.

48hrs BEFORE your Photo Reading Session, I will need the following:

✨ Include everything in one email

  1. A current selfie of each of you taken the day you send the email. By yourself. No filters. Really BE yourself. It’s not about what you look like. I use this photo to connect to your current energy.
  2. Current photo of you together. Same day the email is sent if possible. If you are not in the same location, send and label the most current photo of you together.
  3. The “current” selfie from each of your individual photo readings.
    ✨ Double check you have the 5 necessary photos ✨
  4. Any additional photos you’d like me to see of the two of you over the course of your relationship.
  5. A question you’d like more clarity about.

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